Blending Science with Traditions

At Mudo Labs, we amplify knowledge of traditional wellness methods with scientific research. Asia has long health traditions developed over millennia ranging from Japanese Kampo, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Indian Ayurveda, and Javanese Jamu — all of which harness the therapeutic effects of botanicals.

Master Your Mood

But first, let’s talk about our moods.
When we embarked on our journey nearly a decade ago to uncover the therapeutic effects of traditional botanicals on mood, we started by first unlocking its science.

Many factors can affect mood — including what’s happening in our bodies, our state of mind and our surroundings. 
With the help of scientists and researchers, we discovered that our bodies are powerful systems that can produce what we need to master our moods.

Our bodies produce naturally occurring chemical messengers such as hormones and neurotransmitters.
At Mudo Labs, we call them mood hormones. With this knowledge, we set out to discover how traditional botanicals can stimulate mood hormones and mood hormone-like activity in our bodies.

Our Process

All Mudo Labs products begin with studies of traditional botanicals in our labs. We take it seriously.
This science-led research into identifying the beneficial effects of nature’s bounty on our moods can take years.

Our search for new ways to balance our moods and feelings is an ongoing journey as we deepen our understanding of how, why and when we feel good.

Our labs headquartered in Singapore tap on a network of renowned scientists, psychologists and research institutes from all over the world to produce mood research — why and how our moods manifest.

New Rituals for Reimagining Well-Being

We’ve studied many paths to achieving a deep sense of well-being. Evidence suggests that rituals can also enhance mood.
When living it all at breakneck speed is our norm, adopting new rituals can prompt us to change up our pace, if even for a moment. This is why every Mudo Labs product reimagines ritual as part of mastering your moment — space for all of us to breathe.